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See below to explore curriculum options for supporting your students:

​​​***NEW: Power Pairs  Fiction and Nonfiction Pairs Boost Students' Engagement and Comprehension DIFFERENTIATE instruction to support struggling readers in accessing content in a variety of genres. PROVIDE a bridge between fictional characters, settings, and problems to people, places, and problems of the real world. DEVELOP background knowledge, literacy, and writing skills. INCREASE students' vocabulary and improve their comprehension and critical thinking skills.

***NEWChallenges and Choices-for Middle School/High School independent reading 24 Engaging, Relevant Novels about Teens Facing Challenges and Making the Right Choices  E-Books Available! SUPPORT readers with print features such as appropriate sentence structures in appealing layouts, manageable line lengths.

                             SAMPLE OF MY NEW AMERICAN LIFE 

                            [Download an E-Book Sample of paperback title)

Reading & Writing Comprehension Kits-Improve Oral and Written response abilities using photo supported student books

Sundance/Newbridge After School Achievement Program- Built Specifically for After School Sessions:   Focused Reading Comprehension Instruction for Students Gr 1-8 

Comprehension Skill Sets-practice a targeted comprehension skill; provide sequential learning pathways to teach the skills

Resources that support Language and Mathematics Instruction 

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As an authorized distributor for Oxford Picture Dictionaries (monolingual and bilingual in multiple languages), Content Dictionaries, and more- email Vista School Resources, Inc. for packages and pricing.



Newcomer ELL Library and Vocabulary cards and Teacher Guide. Give ELL teens real-world information along with great fictional stories at lower reading levels, so they can not only increase reading fluency and math numeracy but also assimilate with success.

***NEW:ELL Teen Literacy Library ELL Teen Literacy Library focuses on social studies, math, and science topics, in books written at accessible levels. Each engaging fiction and nonfiction book features age-respectful storylines and full-color photographs on every page to support beginning readers at the secondary level.

 I love helping educators understand the publishers' offerings and

customize the most efficient solution for their students.  

​                                                    - Sylvia Fumero

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​​***NEWLet's Talk About books-deepen comprehension through purposeful talk - provides a balance of reading thinking and talking to build fluency with academic language necessary for deep comprehension.

Literacy Intervention- paced plan for phonics, listening, reading, writing Grades K-5th

Oral Language- Let's Talk About It! Oral Language Reading Program, a sequential, structured approach for oral language development.

Phonics-offers explicit, sequential, comprehensive instruction with ample opportunities to apply and practice phonics knowledge; provides direct teaching of letter-sound relationships in a clear, research-based sequence.

Libraries - Leveled Texts - K-5 Big Books (Literature) K-2

***NEW FREE***NEW WEBINARS ON DEMAND- previously recorded presentations by the authors of Let's Talk About Books:

* Deep Comprehension and Engaging the Nature of Talk * Developing Language for Deeper Reading Comprehension

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​​​​Hands-On Resources for Math, Literacy building manipulatives, STEM for Project-based Language Learning

Hands-On Standards Math support the concrete understanding of the Math Standards..Teacher Resource and Small group kits of math manipulatives- 

***NEWVersatiles for Literacy practice Help students master phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. * Seamlessly integrates Science and Social Studies* Consistent topics across grades
Versatiles (Mathematics self-check center activities- NEW Gr 1-6th)-New content! support math domain skill building. Kinesthetic learning!

​​Hands-On Standards Math support the concrete understanding of the Math Standards..Teacher Resource and Small group kits of math manipulatives-Across Standards, Numbers and Operations, Fractions

​***NEW Math Tasks-​
STEM in Action modules- Task Based language learning!- Supports speaking, listening, reading, writing of the engineering process (optional spanish facing student materials). Pacing guide and turnkey teacher instructions.

Literacy supports:

* Hi interest collections

* Audiobooks and books

*Graphic Novels,

       Secondary Level: Classics, Shakespeare 

​       Elementary Level

Literacy resources for the right amount of support for interventions and centers.

**NEW:  Integrated Reading & Language Skills Kit Grades 2-6+​​          

Comprehension Connections - multiple levels of passages and self-correcting kit with additional resources for reteaching comprehension strategies. Leveled Grade 1-8th

Reaching for the New Reading Standards-  A 3-book reading comprehension instructional series designed to teach students how to identify, understand, and integrate reading comprehension techniques.Modeled and guided instruction and independent practice reinforce reading comprehension strategies and reading standards.Students are challenged to use evidence from the passages to support their answers. Best for Grades 2-8+ 

Complex Reading in Context-Focused:
This is designed to focus on 8 key reading comprehension skills in 6 separate books.
Lessons for each skill scaffold in difficulty from sentences to paragraphs to complex comprehension reading selections with complex questions.