We help source appropriate curriculum for EANS grant recipients in Florida. These resources provide intervention and help accelerate academic achievement- and are listed on Class Wallet for ordering access. Our thorough review system helps administrators to select what is best for their students.

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Intensive reading- interactive and online

Reading and Math intervention,

College and career readiness

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​INCREASE one grade level of reading in 20 hours!

MindPlay utilizes technology & Synthetic Intelligence™ to deliver a curriculum that teaches students to read well. 

MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach has been proven to help students with a wide range of abilities. Adequate for all ages, it can serve as an online reading program for Tier 1 students and an intervention for Tiers 2 and 3 students. Additionally, it can be used by students of several categories, including –

Special education

GED preparation

English Language Learners

Bilingual Education

Adult literacy programs

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Examples of some resources:

Complex Reading in Context-Reading Skill by Skill: Scaffolded Reading Comprehension Instruction in 7 Separate Skill Books Module - Reading Levels 2-8. Focuses on 8 key reading comprehension skills in 6 separate books plus the All Together book. Lessons scaffold in difficulty from sentences to paragraphs to full-length reading selections with complex questions to help students build reading comprehension skills.

​Reaching for the New Reading StandardsAn instructional series designed to teach students how to identify, understand, and integrate reading comprehension techniques.Modeled and guided instruction and independent practice reinforce reading comprehension strategies and reading standards.Students are challenged to use evidence from the passages to support their answers. Best for Grades 2-8+  and for Intermediate and advanced ELL levels

Reaching for the Math Standards- incorporates the math domains and also modeled, guided, and independent practice, including journals to demonstrate math comprehension.

More available at Rally Educationwebsite.


Middle and High School grades 

Accelerate achievement by addressing SOCIAL EMOTIONAL/LIFE SKILLS through College and Career Readiness Lens

​IDEAS supports the transition to High School and post secondary.  Includes Student edition, Teacher Edition and additional parental support resources are available. Peer-learning based lessons include: embedded literacy practice, study skills unit, and college and career exploration activities that begin with high school and end with post-secondary enrollment.

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