Edu Resource Solutions Customize Solutions For Classroom Resources

What We Do

We listen to the need.

When we hear from a site or district administrator that they need a solution we go through an orientation to identify the needs.  Before finalizing any recommendations for resources, we will have explored the goals for academic growth, reviewed the curriculum maps, and clarified the intended use of materials.  

We partner with coaches, principals, site leaders, specialists, and district management.

Our goal alongside the administrator is to create an effective learning atmosphere and address the immediate as well was long term plans.

We recommend the best options for the unique needs.

We do this using the highest quality, research-based materials to provide the most appropriate supplementary and intervention resources.

We teach for effective usage.

Finding solutions for schools doesn't stop there. We support school and district-wide implementations with Curriculum Orientation sessions and Professional Development Workshops.

Call us to schedule a time to review your students' needs.